NEW VIDEO: Halloween – Party hacks and snacks

Well hello there,

I’ve been fiddling around with the idea of a video segment to this here blog for a while now. Having produced a very silly introduction video a few weeks ago which, quite frankly, I was not too impressed with – I found myself shoving that dream onto the back-burner in a hurry and instead staring at my computer screen for a few weeks hoping that inspiration would give me a smack across the face. (Hoorah. So productive.)

Lo and behold. I have decided not to over-think it (a God-awful habit of mine),  just freaking post something, and see what happens.

My skillzzz (yes, with a “z”) are completely lacking (production-wise) but since I love themed parties (and Halloween, in particular) I thought I’d start just off with a simple idea – and hopefully I will receive only constructive crit. (Who am I kidding? – Trolls! On your mark…)

I would be eternally grateful if you could “like” my video if you think I should do more stuff like this and/or subscribe to my channel if you’d like to be notified every time I post something. 🙂

Drop me a comment and let a gal know what you think.



 PS: Kind of a fitting post for a channel launch – seeing as it is my 100th post! 😀


You say goodbye, I say HALLOW.

Hallow there. Searching for a Halloween costume for this year?

Since my annual Halloween posts are, by far, my most popular, I thought I would make damn sure that I don’t leave y’all hanging this year. (Since my blog has been a little quiet of late…)

Here is a little round-up of some cool ideas I’ve found on the interwebs – for the devout fancy-dressers out there:


www.pinterest.comSocial Media platforms! Cool part is – you can rope in as many friends as you like!

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Centre stage with Mary-Anne Wright

With a captivating onstage presence and a wicked set of acting chops, it’s no surprise that this very dear friend of mine is a wonderful stage actress who will do nothing but delight you with her big voice and impish sense of humour. 3 After lighting up South African stages two years ago, Mary-Anne decided to pack up her humble beginnings and Honours BA Dramatic Arts Degree from the university of Witwatersrand, and move to New York City to further her studies and begin a career in musical theatre. Since her time in the Big Apple, along with belting out a few famous numbers in NY favourite, ‘Cranky Cabaret’, she has also become a member of the theatre company “Theatre For The People” and performed in Isaac Byrne’s ‘Hazard a Little Death’ (Which ran as a part of the Planets Connections Festivity.)

Her journey has been no walk in the park, but Mary-Anne wouldn’t change her job for the world.

1. How does the entertainment industry in NYC differ to the work back at home?

The theatre world back home is a lot smaller than in NYC. When I walked into an audition in South Africa I expected to know at least someone behind the desk because it is such a close knit community. NYC is a little different. It is very big and almost every person you meet is an actor or an aspiring actor. It can be a little daunting at first but it helps to remember that everybody feels that way and what is true for both communities is that, despite the outside appearances, they both have a strong sense of love, a shared passion for the craft.

2. What onstage character would be your dream part, and why?

I have a few, generally I gravitate towards roles in darker or more dramatic musicals/plays because I love their raw honesty. I feel like we spend so much of our lives hiding our truth/ darkness from the world because we have been taught by society to feel like those parts of ourselves are not beautiful or worthy but in these roles you have to be honest, vulnerable, real and exposed. The magical thing is that on stage somehow that vulnerability can be appreciated as beautiful. Some of these roles would be: The Mother in Next to Normal (for when I’m older), The baker’s wife in Into the Woods, Violet in Violet, Lady Macbeth in Macbeth and Alison in Look Back in Anger. 

3. Besides performing, you are also a keen playwright. Tell us a little about that.

Yes, in South Africa I wrote and Produced a show called ‘Once Upon a Boundary Line’ which was performed at POPart Performing Arts Center and I am currently working on two plays and a possible mini-series. My main project writing wise at the moment is a play called ‘In the Wake’ which I am hoping to premiere in NYC later this year and also possibly take it back to South Africa. I have always loved writing. I think most actors could be great playwrights because those that do the work know how much imagination and emotional preparation goes into preparing to perform a character; you build lives and scenarios that aren’t part of the script all the time. I spent most of my youth daydreaming and creating these stories that I loved and at one point I thought maybe it is selfish of me not to share them.

4. Any advice to young actresses wanting to make a move to the Big Apple?

Take it one step at a time. Always be humble, friendly and courteous (even though those aren’t the common traits for NYC). One of the big things I realized is that, that guy/girl that looks a little run down and is irritating you on the subway may just be a top producer or director. That woman you are bragging to may just be performing on Broadway. We are never greater or less than anyone else I really think that is an important thing to remember. Connections are important, the life is hard, there will be a lot of rejection don’t take it personally. You have to want it more than anything because you will have to sacrifice a lot to reach your dreams but if you can not exist without getting on that stage, if you can’t sit in a Broadway show without tearing up purely because of your overwhelming passion for it, then this is the life for you and there will always be a way.  

5. Where can we see you perform next?

Currently I am rehearsing for a show called ‘Jury Duty’ in which I play a prosecutor Linda Marks. The show will be directed by JD Lawrence and performed at BB Kings NYC. (There are even talks of taking the show to Vegas, as well as a possible national and international tour.) I am also rehearsing for ‘The Boston Tea Party Opera’ which will be presented as part of the Fringe Festival, in which I will be playing Ruth Otis.

FANS OF NY THEATRE: Keep an ear out for this lovely lady’s voice, and go watch one of her shows. You can thank me later.



Dancing in the moonlight | Parade

There is something crippling about being uninspired.

I have been in that horrible place for a few months now… And while it’s ok to suffer from a mental block occasionally – I feel like I’ve been stuck there an awfully long time. As a usually creative person, I’m finding that this dormancy is beginning eat away at me. Which is so uncool. Very uncool, indeed.

A major quest has begun, to reignite “me spark” as it were. Beginning with a little art inspiration – because even though I have not produced much work of worth as of late, I have still taken refuge in the art and words of others. Poetry, books, music, media and art. The only things keeping me sane. Amen.

Today I put a spotlight on Montreal and an awesome little installation piece called Parade – put together by Laurent Craste, an expert ceramisist.

Parade appears so simple. Just two odd vases in a lit-up space.



But as the hanging light begins to swing across the set, magic animates the shadows and a wonderful dance enchants passers-by. Take a closer look at the clever and other-worldly masterpiece below. (The twirling is just the best!)

As I work at re-entering myself into the world of creativity, I hope this at least inspires someone else out there to do something of their own. Anything. Just do it.







10 Reasons to watch The Lego Movie ASAP – No spoilers

It comes out this weekend in South Africa, and you just need to go and watch it. Just do it. Even if it is the only movie you see this year. Goooo… Book now. What are you waiting for?!

Ten reasons why? Alright then.


1. Lego.

Lots of it. Everything you see on screen, effects and all, is in Lego pieces. It will blow your mind.

2. Voices.

Chris Pratt. Will Ferrell. Elizabeth Banks. Will Arnett. Nick Offerman. Alison Brie. Charlie Day. Liam Neeson. Will Forte. Morgan Freeman. Channing Tatum. Jonah Hill. Cobie Smulders. Shaquille O’Neal. Jake Johnson. Jorma Taccone. Dave Franco. Yes.

3. Batman.

With all the talk around Ben Affleck playing Batman, I didn’t expect to be blown away by a Lego interpretation at all. However, Will Arnett took the Batman character that has always lived in my mind and brought him to life. What a riot.

4. Ratings.

If you are one to follow critical ratings of animated features before taking the leap to the cinema, just know that The Lego Movie’s ratings lie in the same realm as Wall-E and The Lion King. ‘Nuff said.

5. Guest Lego stars.

From Gandalf, to Dumbledore, to Wonder Woman, to Shaquille O’Neal, expect to see all the Lego realms cross paths in the most entertaining way.

6. A message we all need to hear.

Underneath all that painted plastic lies a very important message. Especially for the kids of today who are consumed by social media and console gaming. Use your imagination. Use your hands. Make something from your own mind. At 25, I still need to push myself this way.

7. Killer soundtrack.

Featuring the voices of Will Arnett, Tegan & Sara, and the Lonely Island dudes – the music of TLM is a (terribly amusing) character of its own.

8. All-age fun.

Just like Shrek (The first one. The first time you watched it.) the humour in this scripting will transcend all age groups. A little something for everyone. Parents and older siblings, don’t hesitate to join the little ones on this one. Actually it’s more like: Little kids, don’t hesitate to join the adults on this one.

9. Sequel.

There are talks of a sequel being written already, and while the idea of this usually makes me gag, I am almost certain this will follow in the Toy Story sequel’s path. (And Shrek 2, I suppose?) This excites me. This excites me a lot.

10. Fucking magical.

If you ever played with Lego as a child (… or as an adult.) you’ll feel the magic within, from the moment Morgan Freeman opens the movie with a mystical prophecy about the most important person of all times. A prophecy that we are told must be true “because it rhymes.”

If you can fight the urge to rummage around for your long forgotten Lego collection when you get home, then you are a stronger human than myself.

I give this movie 5 Lego Zozette’s out of 5. No joke. I really loved it.

lego zoz

Watch it if you enjoyed: Toy Story or Wreck it Ralph.



The Midweek Marshamallow: Internets pt 2

Hello again,

I know I’ve done this before, but I just can’t ignore the fact that people keep ending up on my blog after typing in very unusual Google search terms. Google searches that really shouldn’t be bringing them here.

I suppose that I should really be using these terms as a guide. I’m obviously not giving the people what they want.

*Sigh* Let’s give this a bash, shall we? *INITIATE FEEDBACK MODE*

1.  “Sparkly capsules poop confetti”

Um. I think you need to take a long, hard look at yourself and ask your inner-being whether this was what you wanted out of life. Is this the person you wanted to become? Do you feel as though you have been utilizing your time well? I hope this response has helped you find what it is you were “searching” for. ie: Not sparkly poop.

2. “Famous people scratching crotch”


Enough? Not enough? More?

3. “Naked hairy man from Honduras”

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 5.08.53 PM

big foot

You’re welcome.