A peck goodbye, a kiss hello

“Those magic changes”

1. That moment where you undergo emotional, physical and spiritual growth – and it’s simply marvelous.

2. A schmaltzy song performed by Sha Na Na. (Cue John Travolta and Cha-Cha DeGregorio shaking their tail feathers)

3. Very likely the name of a self-help book, somewhere in the world, for young teen boys going through puberty.

Let’s just say that I’m talking about option 1, for now.

After 26 (incredibly quick) months of blogging on Zozetti’s Confetti , 44 (kinda measly) blog posts later, 173 (Some lovely, some less-than-so) comments, over 180 000 (Holy shit Charlie Chaplin!) page-views from over 70 (Hello, Bonjour, Salam, Aloha, Shalom) countries…

I believe it is now time to start a-fresh with a new chapter of my life. Back then, I was a young ‘un (19!), figuring out my life, completely care-free. Now, I am old (23!) , figuring out my life, and paying taxes. What an exciting life I lead.

I am hoping to post way more often on this new re-born blog of mine and I hope that it continues to spark the interests of people across the world.

Muchas gracias for reading this little intro to my new and improved (Can you tell I work in advertising?) personal blog, and please do stop by again.




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