This liquid love is eternal

I have a slight problem when it comes to shopping.

I’ve always been the type to brag about how well-grounded I am when it comes to organizing my finances, but the honest truth is this: The good life costs money, and I absolutely love living it.

Let’s get one thing straight. I’m not a gosh-awful spender-person, who blows all of her life’s savings on goodies, until she’s cashless and trading hugs for lunch… but… I’m bad enough. I’m finding it increasingly difficult in my old-age (Twenty Three! Oi Vey – It’s all downhill from here…) to resist the urge to buy things I really really want.

I blame the unlimited creativity of the world around me. All the grand inventors, performers and designers who play their part in creating new, and amazing things for me to spend my money on everyday. Thanks a lot, you creative-great-stuff-seller-people dammit.

Also, what is up with this whole internet business? Making it EASIER for me to spend my money?! I don’t want easy! For goodness sake! Lock me up where online transactions can not be made!

Let it be heard world-wide that I, Zozette, do not want your Etsy Jewellery pieces of prettiness!

I do not want your imported Australian fashions of loveliness!

I do not want to know about another freaking amazing cookie/cupcake related gadget of oh-wowness!

AND PLEASE, oh dear God please, I don’t want to encounter another Theatre production/International concert of holy-crap-I-can’t-hold-myself-back-ness, again for a long time!

I am, at this vital stage in my life, supposed to be saving up funds to purchase a new car with. Primarily, because one needs a car to get in and around Johannesburg, but mostly, because I’m scared witless that my current hunk-of-junk is going to spontaneously explode into little pieces on the highway*.

*Freeway, for any American readers.

Alas, I can not afford the car I desire. Or any other pricy trinkets I want to fill my life with. I will list a few here for you to read and drool over- just in case Santa’s listening in, and wants to embark on a Christmas in July. (Eh? Eh?!)

Zozette’s current wishlist of Expensiveness

1. Let’s start off big, at R175 000. A car. I need one. This one if you please:

Fiat Cabriolet

2. Then, this is cheaper at R2 425, but not quite as necessary. I just want it. Like, a lot:

Anders Nicholson System

3. The last one really is the cheapster of the lot, at R290, but it’s an amount of money one can’t spend on themselves for no reason, without feeling guilty. Big Blue stocks them and I’m dying (DYING I SAY) to get one.

Drink Up: Babushka bedside table water carafe

Sigh. My wallet really is in trouble.

Wish me luck, while I resist these horrid shopping temptations!




2 thoughts on “This liquid love is eternal

    • I know! It’s stunning. Been dying to get one for ages now. My mother just can’t understand why I would want a record player. She thinks I’m moving backwards technology-wise. :l

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