The curly-haired blues

Being an avid Disney fan was not that easy for the pint-sized, curly-haired, child version of myself. Oh no, not easy at all.

Every little girl (and some little boys, I’m sure) dreamed of being a Disney princess at least once during their childhood. (Oh, who am I kidding? 23 year-old-me still wants to be a Disney princess!)

However, this dream was one of little success for me. Children tend to relate the physical features of Disney characters to that of their friends, and that’s how one gets assigned their “pretend princess identity”.

Having an unruly mess of brown Curly Sue hair (which I still can’t tame today), left me with absolutely no Princess options. Belle? Oh no, she had beautiful chestnut waves of hair which flowed in the wind, when she rode her horse through the enchanted forest. Not curly hair. Oh no.
How about now that I’ve cut my hair into a bob? Maybe Snow White? Are you joking? You hair is now far too frizzy, and besides, Snow White’s hair is black. Well, fan-freaking-tastic.

Quite obviously, I automatically eliminated any possibility of “being” any of the silky-tressed blondes, or the fire-y haired Ariel.

“Too long, too short, too straight, too fringe-y.” I was beginning to lose that little spark of hope, that I too, could be a princess. (Up until this point – I was assigned the less than favourable parts. ie: The fairy godmother, a prince, a giant octopi-footed villian…)


(Yes, I needed a “however” to turn this thing around. – I could see you tears of sympathy from here.)

I now believe that my princess counterpart has yet to be created. (Lame discovery, yes, I know.)
But I’m convinced that a Disney animator (Of the senior kind – yes, that will do) will stumble across me some day during my travels (In my future I imagine myself to be quite the traveler) and create a Disney princess in my exact likeness. Then I will be able to say “HA, you little blonde cow I went to pre-school with! That will teach you. You can be freaking Aurora if you want! I AM AN ACTUAL princess.” (Let me take this moment to remind you all that I am, in fact, 23.)

Until that day, I’ll just have to pull out the GHD and stick with the Rapunzel (after her devastating haircut) look.

Hey, it’s better than being an ugly step sister?




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