This Little Place – Preview

This Little Place has a few pieces of jewellery that are officially going on sale this Sunday at the Parkmore George Lea Beer-Fest.

I thought I’d pick out a few of my favourites for you to see.

One or two pieces come in other colour variations, but most of them are absolute one-of-a-kind.

If anyone would like me to put a piece aside for them before they become available to the masses, please drop me a mail or comment.*
And of course – let me know what you think!

*South Africa only

1.  Girl swing (Titanium pendant on leather) R80
2. Kisses (Titanium pendant on pink chain) R70
3. Girl (Shell pendant on Pink chain) R60
4. Ice-cream and heart (Plexiglass on blue chain) R50
5. Umbrella (Plexiglass on black chain) R50
6. Boy (Titanium pendant on blue chain) R70
7.  Girl (Titanium pendant on pink chain) R70
8. Boy swing (Plexiglass on Blue chain) R50
9. Sausage dog (Plexiglass on black chain) R50
10. Tortoise (Metal Pendant on black chain) R60
11.  Bunny (Plexiglass on black chain) R50
12. Red Riding Hood (Titanium pendant on black chain) R80
13.  Heart (Plexiglass on pink chain) R50
14.  Butterfly (Titanium pendant on black chain) R80
15. Dented heart (Metal pendant on blue chain) R60
16. Vintage boot (Plexiglass on Blue chain) R50
17. Boat and anchor  (Plexiglass on Blue chain) R50
18. Ice-skate (Plexiglass on black chain) R50
19.  Bicycle (Shell pendant on cream cord) R60




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