The theatre of dreams

If you’ve ever found yourself contemplating a trip to theatre spectacular, Madame Zingara – I plead that you don’t hesitate ever again, and buy yourself a ticket. You will find yourself surrounded by nothing but magic, glamour and some of the world’s most talented acts.

From the moment you walk onto the theatre plot, you are greeted with unusual sets and stage props. As per usual, my friends and I became rather trigger happy and photographed the entire experience… (Take a browse, below.)

A fancy dress boutique welcomes you into a giant circus tent filled with weird and wonderful things. Guests have the opportunity to buy a fantastical dress-up item, or get their face painted with intricate designs.

My favourite part of the evening was (obviously) the part where the menu came into play. A five course meal, which started off with a delicious meze platter of different dips and snacks, followed by a perfect portion of creamy coriander and butternut soup. The entree was a super-tasty heart-shaped butternut ravioli with exotic mushrooms in a creamy butter sage sauce. Then, came the pièce de résistance,  Madame Zingara’s signature dish; Beef medallions in a dark chocolate-chili sauce, topped with deep-fried rice noodles. Absolutely delicious. Like, really. My plate was spotless.
Dessert was no different, with a trio of perfectly executed puddings. A passion fruit panna cotta, a chocolatey espresso mousse, and a warm Malva pudding.

Needless to say, it was much enjoyed, and we were all rolling out of there by the end of the evening.

Let me not leave out the rip-roaring entertainment. With unique acts, each one more astounding than the last, there was definitely a little something for everyone. Contortionists, trapeze acts… a real class-act selection! I have to say, my favourite act had to be drag Queen extraordinaire, Cathy Specific, and her sassy Trolley Dolleys. An absolutely stunning performance from three “men” with the best legs I’ve ever seen. Great entertainment. Great Food. Great company.

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