If famous people used facebook

Everyone is aware of the awful Facebook notification “You have been tagged in 23 photos”. That feeling of dread, as you replay the past month’s activities in your mind.

How much did I drink? What was I wearing? Did it have anything to do with swimwear?!

Isn’t it funny how it also, always seems as though everybody knows absolutely everybody? That kid who you went to primary school with, is actually dating that guy who teaches at your sister’s school, which is also where your best friend taught, but now teaches at the same place where your high school class-mate’s sibling goes… etc. etc.

It kind of makes you wonder; do legends and celebrities also find themselves weirdly connected in social circles, and would they too, curse at the thought of an unexpected Facebook tag?

TAGGED: Russell Brand and The Dalai Lama (Coz you know, they hang out and stuff…)

TAGGED: Eartha Kitt and James Dean (Yes, apparently in spandex, dancing.)

TAGGED: Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Steve Martin and Chevy Chase (All looking rather ecstatic here.)

TAGGED: Bill Nye the Science guy and the Mythbuster dudes (I KNOW, RIGHT?)

TAGGED: Tim Burton and Vincent Price (Most epic collaboration team ever.)

TAGGED: Ru Paul and Nirvana (Dave Grohl’s face= THE BEST.)

TAGGED: Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali (LEGENDS. That is all.)

I’d imagine that if I was being photographed alongside legends such as these, I wouldn’t mind being tagged so much. Until then – a heads up from friends would be grand. So, so, very grand.




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