A pinteresting picnic

Every time I waste time browse through the endless prettiness gracing the pages of Pinterest, I always imagine a beautifully Pinterestable (I am almost certain that this is a word) gathering. Alas, try as one might – things never quite come out as imagined. Crafts turn out horrifically, food-yummies flop and parties look way less-than-awesome.

On organizing her birthday picnic, my bff (who will be known on my blog as Miss B – English teaching extraordinaire) was certain that anything she organized, food or decor, was going to be 100% Pinterestable. If anyone could pull off this crafting feat, it would be the teaching extraordinaire herself. With La Patissiere (myself) giving a helping hand in the food department, I must admit; we pulled off a perfectly pinteresting, pinterestable, picnic! See our cutesy Pinterestable perfection below!

Pretty garland! Made by Miss B and li’l brat! (my sister)

Sweeties, alongside self-made Eiffel tower cinnamon cookies!

Pretty pic courtesy of Sir Broccoli.

Yum yum yum

Vanilla cupcakes and honeyed cream cheese frosting, made by yours truly!

Miss B’s yummo homemade pink lemonade!

Lemonade for everyone!

Pretty food, for a pretty feast!



PS: Don’t forget to pin the prettiness! (Haha…)


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