Halloween fancy pants

Hi bloggosphere.

Since Halloween lies just yonder, I thought I’d present a few last minute fancy dress  ideas for any girls, like myself, who are sick of guys always having kick-ass costume options.

My office is supposed to be dressing up tomorrow, but we’ve all been so busy, that I dug into my fancy dress box and grabbed a few items that could possibly pass as Halloween costumes for everyone. (I’ll keep you updated on that…)

Here are a few pictures I found, of awesome lady Halloween attire:

She-Joker! Super awesome costume. Love the huge green hair. Simple and a really obvious portrayal.

Sally! Only the best Burton character for Halloween. Patch-quilt dress, red hair and face-paint. Totally do-able!

A doll! Amazing what a little make-up can do… Throw on a pretty dress and a bow in your hair, and you’re good to go!

A zombie Disney princess! Cosplay with a little gore. If you’re a Disney freak, like myself, why not zombify your favourite princess?

A Mexican Calavera aka sugar skull! What a beautiful idea for Halloween. Love the make-up, and especially the big grey-ish flowers in her hair! Definitely going to try this someday!

Anyhow, link me to any fun costumes you guys find, or decide to wear. Happy Halloween!

Mucho Bisous!



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