New Years Eve Fun!

I know I appear to have missed out on a Christmas post, but I assure you I will show you what my crafty fingers have been up to soon enough. Some friends and I are having a belated X-mas gift swapping party in the new year – so I’ll only upload my festivities then. 🙂 (I don’t want to spoil anything, you know!)

However, I thought I’d collect a few New Year’s Eve ideas for the new year that we thought we’d never see!

First up, some DIY party ideas for a quiet night in counting down, or the big bash of your choice.


1. DIY confetti slingshot at Green Wedding Shoes

2. DIY Sequined wine glass cuffs also at Green Wedding Shoes

3. Printable midnight kiss Tic Tac labels at Infarrantly Creative

4. DIY Matchbox confetti at Carolyn’s Homework

Next on the list. NAILS. All can say about this, is GLITTER GLITTER GLITTER!

Whichever colour. It doesn’t matter. Just get some sparkly up on those nails.

Glitter nail

Then, one thing I want to do this year (especially because we survived the impending doom of a non-existent apocalypse) is make a time capsule. I did one when I was in Primary school and it’s actually really fun. I love Kelli Crowe’s idea of using a mason jar for a capsule. Really cute.

Fill the jar up with ticket stubs, keepsakes and photos – and set a date when you’re allowed to open it again. Perhaps it can become an annual New years tradition? Or maybe you need a good five year gap to forget what you put in there?

I’ve drawn up a little questionnaire you can fill in and pop in there too, for a good chuckle. You’d be surprised how much you change as a person in a year.

Click here for a PDF: Time capsule

Drop a comment below and let me know if you have any New Years traditions you like to take part in every year?

Otherwise, have an absolutely super New Years Eve and may 2013 bring dreams a plentiful.




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