From Scratch: Pincushion jar filled with button cookies


I have attended that belated Christmas brunch with my friendies, so I can finally show you the DIY part of their gift. A pincushion jar filled with button cookies!

What you need:

A mason jar (With a canning ring lid.)

Pillow stuffing (You can find this at any fabric store.)

A round of patterned fabric (About 15cm in diameter – obviously dependent on the size of the jar.)

All-purpose project glue

A needle and thread

Pearl tipped pins


1. Take your jar lid apart and place the ring aside. Take a handful of the stuffing, shape it roughly into a ball shape and glue it onto the disc part of the mason jar lid.

2. Allow to dry slightly. In the meantime, take the fabric and sew a running stitch around the edge, so that you can gather the round to form a ball-like pocket.

3. Slip this pocket over the top of the stuffing, and pull your thread to gather the fabric at the bottom of the disc. Sew the gathering  into place and knot your thread.

4. Squeeze a line of glue onto the inside of the jar ring, and slip the cushion part through the ring. Press down until the glue feels like it is clinging. Put aside to dry.



5. Make your cookies while you wait. I used Annie’s eats recipe for lemon vanilla sugar cookies. The dough is super to use with cutters and is also very easily coloured. (I made pink ones!) I used a round cookie cutter, a smaller round, and the tiny round tip of a piping nib to make my cookies. Super easy!



6. When the cookies have cooled down, package them into little baggies and place them inside your mason jar. Your lid should be dry by now, so screw that thing on too.


7. Stick a few pretty pearl tipped pins in the top, and you’re good to go! A cute, homemade, and practical gift!


Happy Crafting!




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