My darling Valentine

Valentine’s day is but a few sleeps away, and I know that a very large portion of the human population is dreading it, single or not.

It’s often described as a “giant money-making scheme operated by Hallmark”, a “huge waste of time and money”, and “yet another reason to make single people feel unloved and unwanted.” This could all very well be true. (Especially for a few factories in China pumping out thousands of plastic roses, and teddy bears with misaligned eyes, right now.)

Well, all I can say is: Boo to all of you!

As single as I am, I don’t see anything wrong with a day dedicated to showering a loved one with love and sweet thoughts. Valentine’s day is hardly a reason to spend all of your money – In fact, I would rather hate for a guy to spend too much cash on a squint teddy-bear, which which would probably be tossed away in a few months. The point of this day – is love.

It’s an opportunity to give a labour of love. Something out of the ordinary. Whether it’s a home-made gift, home-cooked meal, or a special date. (Note: Not an EXPENSIVE date.) What the heck has a fancy restaurant got to do with love anyway? Love is so much more personal than a store-bought card. It’s meant to show that you know your partner and are willing to go a little out of your way for a special day.

So whether you are happily taken, or hopefully awaiting a secret Valentine, I thought I’d compile a small list of some cheap Valentine’s DIY ideas, for anyone who has been bitten by the Love-bug.

Valentines collage

1. Make this adorable Valentine’s bow tie with help from the easy tutorial on A Bird’s Leap.

2. This super cute brooch tutorial can be found on The cheekiest monkey of all. – Totally making this one for my V-day outfit!

3. Red velvet whoopie pies! How yum! Find these on Annie’s Eats. (My cousin made these recently and they looked frikken killer!)

4. Everyone loves Rice Crispie treats. Heart-shaped ones courtesy of Babies, Paper and Song.

5. I never knew a homemade notebook/card could be so easy to make. Fun tutorial from The Cheese Thief.

6. Harry Potter nerds can find a bunch of hilarious and enchanting card printables from Yenniper.

After all, people, there’s no such thing as a “Hopeless romantic.” Only a “Hopeful” one. (Yes, yes, major cheese-fest.)

Hope you get lots and lots of Bisous! this Valentine’s.

Zozette xx


2 thoughts on “My darling Valentine

  1. Love these recommendations! I absolutely loathe the traditional Valentine’s shenanigans, even though I think a day to celebrate the special people in your life is a great thought. The mass-produced stuff just seems so…impersonal.

    Also, I am definitely making those red velvet whoopie pies. They look amazing! (And much better than the red velvet rice krispy treats I stumbled across on Pinterest this morning…which looked a little to hamburger-esque to ever be appetizing. Yikes.)

    • Oh yes, Pinterest is full of remarkably scary foods. I’ve seen a blue velvet cake pop up on occasion, which is something I can’t help but feel repulsed by. Blue is terribly unappetising in food.

      However, Annie’s recipes have never let me down before- so let me know how your whoopie pies turn out!

      Thanks so much for stopping by for a read. I so enjoyed catching myself up, post after post, on the entertaining details of your life. 😉

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