A wheelbarrow, a battleship, an iron, a race-car, a thimble, a top hat, an old shoe and a Scottie-dog.

What do these things have in common?

If you had a childhood anything like mine – you’d know instantly that these are the infamous Monopoly gaming pieces.

I played a lot of Monopoly as a kid. My best friend and I would set up a game at the beginning of our school vacation and play the crap out of it for three weeks straight. Mind you, even after all of that property trading and hotel building – I still don’t think we ever managed to complete a game. Also, having played the game so much – you’d expect me to be a little more financially-savvy in my old-age. Well, I’m not. (This could possibly also be the reason why I’ve never finished a game.)

ace monopoly

Not only has the game evolved to the point of trading money with the help of a credit card. (Yes, a credit card. – Paper cuts were part of the fun!!) – but now apparently the most beloved icons of our childhood are being shunned by kids of today, prompting Monopoly to do away with the archaic design of the iron, replacing it with a new household element:

The cat.


Now, at first I was positively outraged. How dare they? The iron? It’s a traditional piece of history!

I finally put down my shaking fist, pulled myself together and realized that the iron had never really been relevant. Like ever.

I don’t think any any kid of the 90’s or the 80s, or even the 70s,  ever saw one of those things in action? Heck, I think the electric iron was even patented sometime in the 1800s!

So in this new light, I am fully embracing the kitty. (Being a crazy cat-lady helps.) I might even be happy to play one of the new improved Monopoly board games, credit card and all. (Calculating 100s of 1000s is beginning to prove quite tricky.)

I’ll draw the line when they replace the houses and hotels with mansions and malls.

Just saying.




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