Nailed it! #2

Since going through my nail polish collection this past weekend, I’ve discovered that I am a very, very, ill person, who has single-handedly kept the nail varnish industry afloat this past decade.

I sifted through my nail polishes (and the many nail decals, pens, tattoos, files and stamps…) hoping to find that some were finished, or at least, perhaps, past their use-by period – but ALAS – I only chucked three bottles away. Three bottles?!!

Instead of cursing my need to find a bigger box for my nail goodies, I decided to put a temporary cap on the nail-stuff-shopping and surf for some nailspiration to burn through my current load. (YAY)

With the day of luuuurve around the corner, I thought we’d keep em romantic and sweet!

nailed it 2

I especially love the conversation heart nails. I have no idea how to accomplish them – but yes, I will attempt it. Wish me luck!




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