I heart Musicals so much – I would still love them if they dropped out to pursue beauty school, or even if they wanted to marry a Russian revolutionary named Perchik

My earliest movie memory dates back to 1992-ish – starring a three-year-old, curly-haired, brat-faced me.

Besides filling my days with many (MANY) a Disney film, I can remember my ultimate go-to VHS tape that would have me glued to our little box of a tv for the entire duration. No interruptions.

This is how it used to go down:

YoungAndFabulousMom: Zozette… Nap time!

OhSoCuteThreeYearOldZozette: No.

YoungAndFabulousMom: Come now, dudu-byes.

OhSoCuteThreeYearOldZozette: No.

YoungAndFabulousMom: Ok. Then go and put your pajamas on and lie down in the bedroom. I’ll put on a video for you. Which one do you want to watch?

OhSoCuteThreeYearOldZozette: I want to watch Grease, Mommy. The movie, not the place. (I was smart and cultured like that.)

– and then I’d go on to say,

OhSoCuteThreeYearOldZozette: But wait until Full House is finished. (Priorities, Mom! Never mind the fact that I’ve just managed to avoid a nap…)

When the Olsen twins were done being squeaky and adorable, and uncle Jessie was done being hot – in that 80s, luscious locks kind of way. (Team Stamos!) – I would sit down with my cup of apple juice and prepare to be enthralled by 110 minutes of pure musical ecstasy.

And so my love affair with musicals began. Westside story, The Sound of Music, Tommy, Oliver, Annie, The Wiz…. too many favourites to list here, I assure you.

musicals meme

I am certain that I was probably exposed to some of these musicals a little earlier than I should have been, but “young me” understood the creative license that these films held, even if I didn’t understand the content. Tim Curry was very welcome to prance around in women’s lingerie  while serenading his golden speedo adorned beefcake of a man, and Seymour’s wife to-be (who had just broken up with a very brunette Steve Martin) was the obvious choice in meal for a very hungry Venus fly trap. It all made sense at the time, and I never questioned the sanity of these play-writes for a minute.

I became musical mad by the time I started primary school, and I had myself convinced that I was gong to become an actress. (Or a marine biologist – I was also in my dolphin phase at this point.) This, of course, prompted the greatest tragedy of my childhood. My grandmother recording an episode of Days of our lives over my Grease VHS by mistake. (First world problems – yes, I know.)

Oh the tears! The screaming! The tantrums!

(I would have given myself up for adoption at this point.)

My world had come to an end, and no one seemed too bothered about it. After all, it was a 12 year old VHS copy of Grease recorded off tv, with an advert or five inbetween.

Regardless of the world ending –  in the post-GreaseOnVHS-apocalypse I received a new copy for Christmas, and years later added the dvd to my collection. Peace was restored and I was able to chang chang changity chang shoo bop as nature had intended.

Musicals have made a major impact on my life. Even though bystanders won’t realize it, there is always an orchestra accompanying me throughout my day. I thought I’d perhaps leave you with a few gems that I’ve learnt from musicals, which have helped me along the way.

1. You’re never fully dressed without a smile (Annie)

I fully believe this. Negative people generally draw negativity towards themselves. This coincides directly with Singing in the rain. Make the most of a bad situation, because bad luck is all a matter of perspective.

2. Any fight can be resolved through dancing (West side story)

What better way to end an argument than with the violent clicking of your fingers and a demi-pliés, while chanting “Jets!”

3. Never stand under humongous life-threatening chandeliers (Phantom of the Opera)

You never know when a crazy, love-sick, masked ghost will try and kill you with it.

4. Don’t steal. Anything. (Les Miserables)

One loaf of bread and Jean Valjean had to pay for it until the day he died. The justice system stinks.

… And of course….

5. Try the gray stuff, it’s delicious (Beauty and the Beast)

Don’t be afraid to try new things, even if they don’t look like your cup of tea. Chances are, you’ll be oh-so pleasantly surprised. 🙂




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