Illustration Inspiration

Since it’s Friday, I thought I’d end the week with some pretty illustration-inspiration.

Since I’ve recently returned to my sketch book and some new drawing mediums (Copic pens, where have you been all my life?), I’ve felt particularly inspired by the incredible illustrators I’ve come across. There are some ridiculously talented people out there, guys. Ridiculously.

These fanciful images are part of Huihong Huang’s portfolio, and I love them. They look like futuristic comic book characters, who live in a world made of marshmallows. Slightly creepy, offbeat marshmallows, but marshmallows nonetheless. My favourite is the little miss, at the bottom, puking pearls. Or is she eating them? Either way, her lollipop eyes and pearl-dotted hairstyle makes me smile. Check out more of Huihong’s work here.







PS: Do one thing this weekend for yourself. Try out a recipe you’ve been meaning to, veg out and watch a movie, or maybe just get your pencils out and draw a picture. Feel inspired and you will be inspiring.


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