Mixtape: 5 South African bands to keep your ear on

(Yes, your ear. Keep it on them.)

With an enormous big blink 182 t-shirt on, and giant DC knock-offs on my feet, my teen-hood years were mostly spent bouncing from local concert to local concert, celebrating the South African music scene. My bestie and I went to almost every show that would allow a pair of nerdy 13 year-olds to dance among them.

When I had reached my late high school years, I found that most of the cool bands had disappeared, leaving SA music with (in my opinion) nothing but generic rubbish.

Only recently have I seen a re-surfacing of international-standard bands in South Africa, and since it was Heritage day yesterday, I thought I’d compile a mixtape of  five up-and-coming local acts who are crazy talented and deserve to make it big. (I am aware that some of these guys have been around for a few years – but gosh darnit – they need recognition!)

1. Gangs of Ballet

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You’ll love them if you like: Coldplay

Four guys from Durban absolutely killing the airwaves with this song:

2. Dance You’re on Fire

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You’ll love them if you like: Panic! at the disco (circa Pretty Odd)

Rock n’ Roll/Indie Joburg based group. – I know this song is like, 2 years old, but it’s such a goodie.

3. Newton’s 2nd Law

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You’ll love them if you like: the sound of a Lenny Kravitz/Seal lovechild

These Joburg guys opened for Rodriguez this year. Listen to their crazy-catchy debut single below:

4. The Plastics

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You’ll love them if you like: … Um… Foster the people… and The Gorillaz… and also Oasis. Yeah.

This CPT band’s current tour is called “The fun starts MEOW”, posters adorned with a kitty extreme-close-up. Does it get much better?

5. The Kongos

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You’ll love them if you like: Talented people. Oh, and I guess also Bob Dylan and their legendary papa, John Kongos

Greek, British, South African, American brothers of great talent and many beards. I happen to be Greek too and they answered me on twitter once, which kind of means we’re family.

So, I hope that opened your eyes and ears to the ridiculous selection of proudly South African musical geniuses we have right here in the motherland. Go buy some of their stuff on iTunes now. Yep.




2 thoughts on “Mixtape: 5 South African bands to keep your ear on

  1. Love this post Z. And The Plastics tweeted me back twice before! I heart them alot. Oh yeah & my fave part was what you said about the Kongos. You’ll like them if you like.. Talented people. LOL!!!!

    • Thanks dude! Yeah, I really dig the Plastics. Supercool choons. And the Kongos have such an original sound, I couldn’t think of a soundalike genre. :l

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