Shut up and Listen: Tom Odell

Very rarely do I come across a song that makes me stop in my tracks and listen. I love a lot of music, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I come across that one song that just gives me shivers down my arms, and gets my heart going. The type of song that I could play over and over. (and over.)

Now, the last time this happened, I had just discovered Gotye. I lived a good half a year, knowing the awesomeness that was the Gotye/Kimbra duo, and it was pretty magical. Then suddenly, EVERYONE was obsessed with (according to my records) a pretty damn old song. I was already kinda over it, and had played it to death. Cue every radio station in the country. *Sigh* I think people should start looking into my discoveries earlier darnit.

So, this time I won’t be selfish. I’m going to share the magic that is Tom Odell. 22 year old British singer/songwriter that you need to keep your eye on.


His official debut album is only dropping in June, but this song from his EP has already got me hooked. Gorgeous song, simple video. Beautiful, but so sad at the same time. Stunning. Just stunning.

You’re welcome.




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