Crack Friday

Our office is small. Tiny even. All-in-all our company consists of 13 people.

This means that the likelihood of one giving in to peer pressure, is approximately 64% higher than that of any other company of 50+ people. [This is not an official statistic. Only a fairly educated guess.]

A colleague of mine, let’s call him D-Man for now, introduced a tradition that he has lived his creative life by, thus far.

Crack Friday.

E’ry Friday. Healthyness all week, and on Friday – CRACK.

Now we are not talking about Cocaine, Crunch and munch, Electric koolaid, Scrabble or Cookies.

We are talking about the most addictive of all addictive substances: Chicken Licken Hotwings. Not much better for you than cocaine, but at least pretty damn tasty.

Now, I am quite good when it comes to avoiding deep-fried and/or over-salted extra-fatty foods. In actual fact, I tend to be drawn to more of a vegetarian diet. However, today, the entire office, like, the ENTIRE office, got their “fix” for the week. And it was gooood.

Come 1:30pm we were all like:


So yes. I thought I’d just confess my horrific sin to the internets, and announce that I am in fact, back on a healthy diet come Monday. No more Crack Friday participation. One was enough.

Like, for real.

I’m not joking.

Carrots and raw nut butter.




Forgive me blogfather for I have eaten something that is sure to close up my arteries and make me die at least 2 years earlier than my body planned. I’d appreciate if we could start anew on Monday. Muchas Gracias. – Zozette


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