Cheer up grumpy gills!

Has anyone else noticed how angry people are these days?

I mean, more-so than usual?

Obviously, there are very stressful situations out there, so it’s understandable. I mean, there’s famine, poverty, terrorism, high unemployment rates, cancer, endangered species going extinct, high petrol prices, bad taxi drivers, rape, murder, too many preservatives in food, radiation and natural disasters.

It almost seems as though there’s no room to be miserable about anything else?

Alas, there are always a few people who somehow find the time in their super busy schedules to complain about trivial issues. Like Miley Cyrus’ new haircut, Taylor Swift’s song-writing abilities, Justin Bieber’s tattoos, or the fact that Snoop Dog is now Snoop Lion.  A cheeky quip now and again is perfectly normal, and deserves the glory of a Facebook status update, but to waste more time than that, is really so unnecessary in the grand scheme of things.

So my request is for people to do less of this:


and this:


Because, well, people have problems of their own to think about, without your help.

Happy thoughts instead? Yeah? Great idea.

Bisous! Zozette


1) I don’t condone her lack of clothing, but I actually think Miley Cyrus has a kickass haircut.

2) Taylor Swift is a country pop artist. If you’re not a country pop fan, she isn’t writing music for you anyway.

3) If the Biebs wants to tattoo Selena’s face across his body, it’s kind of his business and I couldn’t care less.

4) So Snoop Lion got you worked up? You do realize he was called Snoop Dog before, right? I don’t see a vast increase/decrease in stupidity.


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