The Midweek Marshmallow: Internets

Today’s Midweek Marshmallow is inspired by a post I saw on Girl On The Contrary‘s blog. She spoke about checking up on the internet search terms people had used to get to her blog.

I realized that I had never actually paid  any attention to those search terms before, so I went through my own and picked out a few of my favourites to share with you today.

1. “I love short people”

I already love you, whoever you are. If you need some short people to send love to, this is probably the best place. Well done Google.

2. “stupid dolphin head”

Firstly, that is mean. Secondly, dolphins are actually really intelligent marine creatures. – And thirdly, wtf, why here?

3. “Merlin Monroe”

Um. I’m not sure why the internets sent you here, but you were obviously looking for this:


You’re welcome.




One thought on “The Midweek Marshmallow: Internets

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