Walt Dis… no.

Anyone who knows me, knows about my undying Disney OBSESSION. (How old am I again?)

They also know about the fact that I am a crazy cat lady (even though I’m pretty damn allergic to them), which inevitably means that Grumpy Cat is a firm favourite of mine from this year.

Imagine my absolute glee on discovering a mash-up of the two? Digital artist Eric Proctor has dug into the depths of my marshmallow brain and pulled out these goodness-filled creations.

a_whole_new_no_by_tsaoshin-d6g7oweA Whole New No

circle_of_no_by_tsaoshin-d6h8pugCircle Of No

part_of_your_no_by_tsaoshin-d6f5s39Part Of Your No

So funny! Keep an eye on his Deviant Art page, because he promises another two in the next few weeks. (Tangled and Beauty and the Beast! O_O)




2 thoughts on “Walt Dis… no.

  1. Hahaha! Hey I’m 22 and still love Disney! I also love cats but they make me sneeze. Love the post! Grumpy cat for the win!!!

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