From Scratch: Avocado face mask

With all the rubbish you find in store-bought products these days, more and more people have been making their own food and beauty products from natural ingredients at home.

I’ve always been skeptical of home-made face masks in particular though, because I find it hard to imagine that the stuff you would normally eat for lunch, being particularily great for your skin. However, with notoriously dry skin, and having tried every “hydrating” product on the market with little, to no success, I decided to give the natural approach a go.

I googled every moisturizing recipe out there and combined a few ingredients to make my very own facial concoction. I tried it out and was amazed by the results. My face felt soft and absolutely awesome! Who knew?? I highly recommend that you try it out.


Grab a bowl and fork, and mash together half a ripe avocado, half a ripe banana, a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Try get as many lumps out as possible, but don’t worry if it comes out looking a little “rustic”. Apply to your face with a facial application brush (If you don’t have one, your fingers or the back of a spoon will do fine!) and leave it on your skin for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with warm water and marvel at your glowing complexion.

Let me know if you try this out, or if you have any other recipes that you think I should try!




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