On Cloud (Campos) Nine

“When a Cloud moves, it’s always shifting and changing forms and it’s creating art in the sky. When I dance, the floor is the sky and I’m the Cloud creating art.” – Daniel “Cloud” Campos

This. Guy.

Dancer. Director. Actor. Person.

This year has seen an awesome trend in incredibly beautiful and creative music videos – an industry, which otherwise has seen very little but nudity and hund’ed dolla’ bills for the past decade. As I sifted through my favourite videos of 2013 – the common denominator became obvious; dancer/director extraordinaire, Cloud Campos.

Not only does he move as light as air, but this L.A.-based creative talent has also become a directing force to be reckoned with. He manages to combine choreography and pure filmic artistry in his videos, emoting every note and nuance of the song with ease.  Here are a few of my favourite Cloud produced videos from this year:

(Keep an eye out for his stunning dancing in Stay the night and his shadow profile in Cold front.)

Laura Welsh – Cold Front

Panic! At the disco – This is Gospel

Zedd ft. Hayley Williams – Stay the Night

Ugh. He is just SO good. I’m currently feeling very inspired, as I remember the reasons why I went into the film business in the first place.

Keep one eye on this guy at all times. I predict sheer awesomeness. You can follow him on twitter here.




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