Winning whiskers

As Movember approaches, men around the world prepare themselves for a facial hair adventure of epic proportions, in support of Men’s health awareness.

To celebrate, I have been holding on to an awesome find in the photography/portraiture world: Greg Anderson.

This awesome photographer has the most epic portfolio of bearded beauties I’ve ever seen.

I picked out a few of my favourites for you – but you can see the full collection here on his Facebook page.

1002533_714908498535516_654434398_n 1185535_714908585202174_1839279599_n 565039_714908675202165_832009221_n 1238741_714908728535493_1865797760_n 1044777_714908698535496_1059715614_n

I’ve also decided to leave you with a little South African mo’ flavour…

See the hilarious “MoPo911” by the awesome comedy crew Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues below:


and bisous!



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