There’s something beautiful about feeling inspired.

How does one describe that feeling? How would you describe it?

A warm electric current that pulses through your veins, igniting your fingertips?

A light-headed buzz that shoots clouds of possibility out of your ears?

A twinkle in your eye that forces you to look far beyond your wildest dreams?

Whichever way you describe it, we can all agree that there is no better feeling. However, as easily as these feeling arrive, they can be washed away by a turbulent sea of self-doubt and fear. Why do we do this to ourselves? Get so excited about something and then not follow through with it? It’s such a waste of potential.

The best, lack all conviction, while the worst, are full of passionate intensity.” – William Yeats

Well, that’s a sad truth. Why do so many undeserving people make a success of their lives, while other talented people watch their lives pass them by?


That’s the one thing that sets us all apart. The one thing we need to succeed, and the one thing most of us lack. But if you put it down to just that, doesn’t it all just sound a little silly?

Courage? Is that all?

Well, I think it’s about time that intelligent, capable people start taking a few risks. So that when inspiration does strike, they are able to grab it by the balls and make a little magic.

Because we all deserve a little magic. Don’t we?

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