Weekly wisdom #1. Use it. Don’t use it.

Hi, I’m Zozette.

I once collected over 100 Spice Girl stickers. (and I still have them somewhere.)

I like stationary and board games more than I like some people.

Really sad movies make me cry.

Really happy movies make me cry even more.

I’ve had this weird love for Elijah Wood ever since I watched him in Flipper, age 7.

I’m more likely to pick tea over an alcoholic beverage.

I own far too many things with Mickey ears on them.

I do none of these things because I am an ironic hipster.

If you don’t like me because of any of that, well then you can probably just bug off.

Why do people care so much about what others think? Why can’t we just hate what we hate, and like what we like? It’s so weird. One thing I’ve always been good at – is being myself. Sure, sometimes I’m in a situation where I feel the need to impress a stranger – but I will never stoop to the level of pretending to be someone I’m not.

Does this mean that sometimes my family worries about where my place lies in this world? Yes, probably. I worry about that sometimes too. Does this mean that I only have a handful of proper friends? Yes, but they’re pretty freaking good ones. Thing is; there are loads of interesting, accepting, lovable people out there. They’re just a little harder to find in this world of pretentious, self-absorbed twits.

be yourself

I’m terrible at a lot of things. Sticking to diets, sweat-inducing sports, containing my sarcasm, and constructing intelligible sentences in front of potential “suitors”… but if I can impart any piece of advice to the people out there on the internet reading this, it’s that you should never feel pressured to be like anyone else. We are all different for a reason. Never feel like an outsider, because you get to a point in life when you realize that the world is full of outsiders – some you’ll get along with, some you won’t – and the people who don’t want to be around you, aren’t worth the effort anyway.




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