Madiba Magic

Tata Madiba is finally resting, after 95 years of fighting for, changing, and inspiring the world.

I won’t say goodbye as if I knew him on a personal level, because that kind of farewell should be saved for his family and closest friends only. Instead, I’d just like to say thank you to him and for all that he stood for. When I think back on my life, I realize how many things would have been different if it weren’t for Nelson Mandela and his team of freedom fighters.

Having been a part of the post-apartheid generation in South Africa, meant that I had experienced a culturally diverse environment from a very young age. To think of my life without the awesome friends I’ve met from every chapter of my life, would make the story of my time here on Earth a very sad, and lonely one indeed.

He made history, he taught the world about forgiveness and tolerance, and (as long as we continue to work onwards and upwards as he had intended us to) his legacy will never be forgotten.

Your work here is done, tata. Rest in peace.





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