Christmas adventuring


I’m off to Europe with my best friend tomorrow to spend Christmas in London and Paris. If that ain’t the best freaking stocking-filler ever, I don’t know what is.

christmas cat sweater

I’m especially excited for the following:

– Big-ass Christmas lights all over the place making me feel all festive and shit.

– Food.

– Overseas quality time with my BFF. – Which is something we’ve been planning all our 18 year friendship.

– Food.

– Shopping. Primark. Selfridges. Primark. Urban Outfitters. Primark. (I NEED a Christmas sweater.) – And Camden Town. YES YES YES.

– Food.

– Meeting new people. Yes! This will be fun. Or dangerous. If you don’t hear from me in 10 days – please contact the South African Embassy.

– Food.

– Doing whatever the hell I want for 10 days. Even if it means posing next to platform nine and three quarters like a complete tool, or talking like Ringo Starr the whole holiday.

– Food.

– And Museums!! Oh, the culture and knowledge I will absorb!

If wifi serves me well – I’ll be posting a pic each day to send a little Christmas cheer to whomever takes the time to read my ramblings. (I see you readers. I know you exist.)

So without further ado – let me return to my packing, lest I forget something important! (ie: My phone charger. Amirightpeople?)

Au revoir et bisous!



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