Christmas Adventuring Days 6 to 10

Apologies for the lack of promised updates…
Unfortunately, the mix of rainy walks and (I guess?) public transport germs, made a wonderful mess of my system. Ie: A horrible bout of the holiday flu.
A very belated Joyeux Noel to you all! (And a happy 2014!)
Here’s a quick pic journal of the last few days of my Christmas adventuring:


Christmas Day had me panting my way up the Eiffel Tower for a terribly over-priced baguette. (Only over-priced because the very rude woman behind the counter mistook my €20 for a €10 and refused to give me my correct change! – I was SO unimpressed.) Otherwise, the view was frosty but absolutely gorgeous! The tip top part of Montmartre was home to our Christmas dinner, a round of caricature portraits, and a rainy walk through the red-light district! (Oo-er.)


Back in the UK, a plate of the most amazing curry ever was waiting for us at Shakespeare’s Head pub in Holborn. – Along with a pint of cider. (Yes please!) Then, we took in some sights and gave ourselves up to some retail therapy.


Our final day was all about the gorgeous Moreish Cafe in Russell Square. Fresh, wholesome, home-baked food of major awesomeness. I wish we had found this place on day 1! HIGHLY recommended. Then we had to say goodbye to the wonderful Generator Hostel- which had fulfilled so many levels of radness- and took our final tune trip to Heathrow. (Where the duty free shopping commenced.)

10 Days of running around, gasping, eating, crying, laughing, coughing, and making memories. What a trip.



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