Hello 2014

It’s 2014.

Another year has passed, leaving me feeling old and unsuccessful.

You know? The usual wonderful feeling that sets in after every new year?

However past Zozette knew I’d be feeling down right about now and made provisions for me, in the form of a jar of happiness. Last year she/I set out to maintain a time-capsule of happy thoughts and (BEHOLD) I actually managed to keep it up. Every time something made me smile/feel happy – I jotted it down and stuck it in my jar. So when New Years day rolled around I could read about all the great stuff that had happened this year. (Because we tend to only remember the bad stuff. Boo!)

Well done past me, because it worked. I opened up slip after slip celebrating new jobs, awards, compliments, personal accomplishments and special moments. Summed up in this way – it was easy to see that I had a pretty great year.


I’m definitely going to continue with this new tradition, and I highly recommend you do too. All it takes is a pen, some scraps of paper and an empty old jar.

May 2014 bring you a shitload of paper scraps, and may your jar overflow with happy thoughts.




7 thoughts on “Hello 2014

    • Ha! My new year’s resolution is to make sure I write these in more detail! As if I can remember?! Either way – the feeling must be gone – or I’d remember exactly who it was!

  1. Wonderful idea! It’s easy to let the negative things pile up to the point where we forget the positive. Reflecting on all the positive in your life is very important not just at the end of the year, but constantly. I think it’s just good practice. Today I start!

    • YAY! Good. Get a jar. I even used movie ticket stubs as scraps for some memories. It really is a fun way to look back at good times. Unfortunately our brains tend to remember single crap experiences, over numerous great ones, so you begin to believe that you’ve accomplished nothing in a year – when in fact you’ve only forgotten. 🙂

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