The quarter century challenge

In exactly 20 days I will be… *shudders* 25 years old.

And while those of you older than me are scolding me for being so dramatic (because I’m still so young, blah blah) – I still feel like this whole “quarter of a century” business is quite a shite thing to experience.

In order to make the most of my year, while simultaneously celebrating my impending old-age, I’ve decided to make a bucket list of sorts. Well, it’s not so much a bucket list, because I intend on completing these things before the end of this year, and because, well, I don’t hope to die any time soon.

Is there a better phrase for this? A fuck-it list?



I’m still in the process of compiling – but basically, it’s a list of 25 things I want to accomplish in my 25th year of life. I’m veering away from the “sky-diving/great barrier reef” type tasks, only because – although I want to push myself – I also want this to be reasonably manageable and anti-bank-breakable. (Woohoo not-so-reckless spontaneity!)

So, “why bring this up here” you ask? I’m looking for more er…. Fuck-it list ideas. I’m currently on 19 challenges.

Come on creative people! I neeeeed you.




2 thoughts on “The quarter century challenge

    • Hmm… I didn’t want to just yet. But it contains things such as: Learn a language, pierce my nose, do a canopy zip line tour. Nothing TOO out there. I just want to be able to say I experienced a whole bunch of new things this year. Y’know?

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