5 Things I’ve learnt from Phil Dunphy

Nerdy dad, embarrassing husband or weird son-in-law?

None of the above! Modern Family’s Phil Dunphy is an uplifting voice and a carrier of the odd and down-trod as they make their way through their awkward years. (ie: Entire lives.) This man is not just the perfect mix of uncomfortable situations and comic timing, but also the teacher we all needed in high school – filled with life lessons that others were too scared to teach us.

Behold! The 5 Things I’ve learnt from Phil Dunphy:

1. Never leave anyone hanging.


Now, I obviously, very seriously mean that high-fives should never be left hanging…. but I also mean that people should never be left hanging. If someone tries to offer you their friendship, never shun it without good reason. (ie: They are a murderer, a cheater, don’t like the Harry Potter series.) Don’t judge them at first glance or become afraid that you won’t look “cool”. I guarantee you that the friends you make hesitantly will last far longer than those whose attention you fought to get.

2. Completely immerse yourself in everything you do.


If you want to do something; focus your energy and fully commit yourself to it. (I’m guilty of forgetting to do this.) Never do anything halfheartedly, because Phil wouldn’t dare. He does everything with immense conviction and an embarrassingly large amount of drive.

3. DIY metaphors make the world go ’round.


My mother always shakes her head at me when I pull out my obscure metaphors. I don’t care. If it helps me understand life and all the other stuff in-between, then imma keep doing it. Because a life without bad metaphors is like Beverly Hills 90210 without Jason Priestly.

4. Being part of a “fandom” does not make you weird.


I was a member of a Harry Potter fan club in Primary school. Yes, this actually counted as an extra mural. And no, we didn’t just sit around reading. We played Quidditch y’all! Never once, have I ever felt the need to cover up that potentially embarrassing story. Sometimes, when you like something, you like it A LOT. This is called “fandom” aka “The most fun you’ll ever have geeking out.” It is the imaginary kingdom where friends are made. (The kingdom is imaginary, the friends are real.)

5. It’s OK to be over-dramatic sometimes.


I have a penchant for being slightly over-dramatic sometimes. As a budding actress during my childhood and a wannabe writer as a young adult, I am now left with, what I call, story-teller magic. This magic can be misused (Note: People falling asleep during your shitty stories.), but it can be used for good. Good story-tellers make fantastic party-guests, great friends, and ultimately, kick-ass grandparents. It’s a great quality to have, if used correctly. So embellish the crap out of your next story, and indulge in the need to take a bow at the end.




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