Carpe that frikken diem

Hey, hello you.

Yes, I’m talking to you.

You’ve been diddly-daddling all week at work, haven’t you?

Your mind has been elsewhere. You keep wishing you could be doing something else with your life?

Yes. Well, this post is especially for you.

It’s a kick in the pants. A gear shifter. A game changer. A cut-the-crap-stop-making-excuses reality call.

Do me a favour? Don’t carry on this way.

This weekend switch off the telly, and take the first step towards doing something you’ve always wanted to.

No one can help you but yourself. I’m just here to get you going. So look through these magical nuggets of inspo and carpe the crap out of that diem.

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PS: I will be taking my own advice this time.


3 thoughts on “Carpe that frikken diem

  1. All good reminders .. and now I feel guilty as hell for passing out on the couch for two hours this afternoon when I should have been finishing off the photos for submission for my module of the photography course Ii’m doing..

    Having a good time hanging out here … and really am enjoying your writing style.

    Have a stunning weekend
    Simply Sassy Style

    • Hi Wendy!

      Thank you! I really appreciate it. 🙂
      There’s no shame in a little rest! (Shorts naps are apparently incredibly beneficial.)
      At least you are still pursuing your interests. Good on you!
      All the best for your photography course. I just bought my first DSLR this weekend. I am so excited to get started.

      • Hi Zozette,

        Awesome! Hope you have tons of fun with your new toy. I absolutely love my camera (guess that’s obvious huh).

        Have a stunning weekend

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