Dancing in the moonlight | Parade

There is something crippling about being uninspired.

I have been in that horrible place for a few months now… And while it’s ok to suffer from a mental block occasionally – I feel like I’ve been stuck there an awfully long time. As a usually creative person, I’m finding that this dormancy is beginning eat away at me. Which is so uncool. Very uncool, indeed.

A major quest has begun, to reignite “me spark” as it were. Beginning with a little art inspiration – because even though I have not produced much work of worth as of late, I have still taken refuge in the art and words of others. Poetry, books, music, media and art. The only things keeping me sane. Amen.

Today I put a spotlight on Montreal and an awesome little installation piece called Parade – put together by Laurent Craste, an expert ceramisist.

Parade appears so simple. Just two odd vases in a lit-up space.



But as the hanging light begins to swing across the set, magic animates the shadows and a wonderful dance enchants passers-by. Take a closer look at the clever and other-worldly masterpiece below. (The twirling is just the best!)

As I work at re-entering myself into the world of creativity, I hope this at least inspires someone else out there to do something of their own. Anything. Just do it.








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