The Return of Dumbledore’s Army?

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.


With the last installment of the Harry Potter book series having been released seven years ago, and the final film over three years ago – it has become obvious that the Potter Nerds are undeniably restless in Harry’s magical absence.

However, after promising the world that she was done with the HP world, JK Rowling has surprised fans with a little Daily Prophet news report penned by Rita Skeeter herself. Pottermore subscribers were the first to read the latest “celebrity gossip” from the Quidditch World Cup and boy, were they not disappointed!

If you are not a Pottermore member (WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?) you can read the piece here instead.

Could this be the beginning of a wizarding-world spin-off?

Time will only tell. One thing is for sure – I will be first in line at the midnight release if (when) it happens. 🙂

Mischief managed.




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