You say goodbye, I say HALLOW.

Hallow there. Searching for a Halloween costume for this year?

Since my annual Halloween posts are, by far, my most popular, I thought I would make damn sure that I don’t leave y’all hanging this year. (Since my blog has been a little quiet of late…)

Here is a little round-up of some cool ideas I’ve found on the interwebs – for the devout fancy-dressers out there:


www.pinterest.comSocial Media platforms! Cool part is – you can rope in as many friends as you like!


DSC_0133Zero’s lobby boy get-up from The Grand Budapest Hotel. Um, yes. My absolute movie of the year and I just so happen to look great in purple!


tumblr_m9ylxrgPpA1qfjonxo1_500The Belcher family from Bob’s Burgers. Aaah! So adorbs.


bde42622dbafdd203a93045ac9bdfb2dJack and Wendy from The Shining. “Heeeere’s Johnny!” Great couple outfit.


creative-group-halloween-costumes5-creative-group-halloween-costumes-honors-grad-u-mjgp3s2qShark Week. Because LOL.


hombrew-super-mario-costume-3Luigi and Mario. Soooo cute. – and easy to execute.


Dionne-CherCher and Dionne from Clueless. Iggy defos brought the preppy look back into the spotlight this year. Are we just gonna ignore that? Ugh! AS IF.


f39fe233504ae59d7eadd2302f3f9911REGINA GEORGE. Yes. Yes. A million times YES. The Mean Girls tribute of our dreams. Totally easy to put together, and full of options. Spring Fling Regina (Above) or After Gym-class Regina (Below).


There ya go! 8 ideas to help you on your search for a ridiculously great outfit for Halloween 2014! Have a spooky one!



*Unfortunately I found these photos all over the internet. So, if you know where these images are from- please let me know – I’d love to credit them. 🙂


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