NEW VIDEO: Halloween – Party hacks and snacks

Well hello there,

I’ve been fiddling around with the idea of a video segment to this here blog for a while now. Having produced a very silly introduction video a few weeks ago which, quite frankly, I was not too impressed with – I found myself shoving that dream onto the back-burner in a hurry and instead staring at my computer screen for a few weeks hoping that inspiration would give me a smack across the face. (Hoorah. So productive.)

Lo and behold. I have decided not to over-think it (a God-awful habit of mine),  just freaking post something, and see what happens.

My skillzzz (yes, with a “z”) are completely lacking (production-wise) but since I love themed parties (and Halloween, in particular) I thought I’d start just off with a simple idea – and hopefully I will receive only constructive crit. (Who am I kidding? – Trolls! On your mark…)

I would be eternally grateful if you could “like” my video if you think I should do more stuff like this and/or subscribe to my channel if you’d like to be notified every time I post something. 🙂

Drop me a comment and let a gal know what you think.



 PS: Kind of a fitting post for a channel launch – seeing as it is my 100th post! 😀


From Scratch: Avocado face mask

With all the rubbish you find in store-bought products these days, more and more people have been making their own food and beauty products from natural ingredients at home.

I’ve always been skeptical of home-made face masks in particular though, because I find it hard to imagine that the stuff you would normally eat for lunch, being particularily great for your skin. However, with notoriously dry skin, and having tried every “hydrating” product on the market with little, to no success, I decided to give the natural approach a go.

I googled every moisturizing recipe out there and combined a few ingredients to make my very own facial concoction. I tried it out and was amazed by the results. My face felt soft and absolutely awesome! Who knew?? I highly recommend that you try it out.


Grab a bowl and fork, and mash together half a ripe avocado, half a ripe banana, a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Try get as many lumps out as possible, but don’t worry if it comes out looking a little “rustic”. Apply to your face with a facial application brush (If you don’t have one, your fingers or the back of a spoon will do fine!) and leave it on your skin for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with warm water and marvel at your glowing complexion.

Let me know if you try this out, or if you have any other recipes that you think I should try!



My darling Valentine

Valentine’s day is but a few sleeps away, and I know that a very large portion of the human population is dreading it, single or not.

It’s often described as a “giant money-making scheme operated by Hallmark”, a “huge waste of time and money”, and “yet another reason to make single people feel unloved and unwanted.” This could all very well be true. (Especially for a few factories in China pumping out thousands of plastic roses, and teddy bears with misaligned eyes, right now.)

Well, all I can say is: Boo to all of you!

As single as I am, I don’t see anything wrong with a day dedicated to showering a loved one with love and sweet thoughts. Valentine’s day is hardly a reason to spend all of your money – In fact, I would rather hate for a guy to spend too much cash on a squint teddy-bear, which which would probably be tossed away in a few months. The point of this day – is love.

It’s an opportunity to give a labour of love. Something out of the ordinary. Whether it’s a home-made gift, home-cooked meal, or a special date. (Note: Not an EXPENSIVE date.) What the heck has a fancy restaurant got to do with love anyway? Love is so much more personal than a store-bought card. It’s meant to show that you know your partner and are willing to go a little out of your way for a special day.

So whether you are happily taken, or hopefully awaiting a secret Valentine, I thought I’d compile a small list of some cheap Valentine’s DIY ideas, for anyone who has been bitten by the Love-bug.

Valentines collage

1. Make this adorable Valentine’s bow tie with help from the easy tutorial on A Bird’s Leap.

2. This super cute brooch tutorial can be found on The cheekiest monkey of all. – Totally making this one for my V-day outfit!

3. Red velvet whoopie pies! How yum! Find these on Annie’s Eats. (My cousin made these recently and they looked frikken killer!)

4. Everyone loves Rice Crispie treats. Heart-shaped ones courtesy of Babies, Paper and Song.

5. I never knew a homemade notebook/card could be so easy to make. Fun tutorial from The Cheese Thief.

6. Harry Potter nerds can find a bunch of hilarious and enchanting card printables from Yenniper.

After all, people, there’s no such thing as a “Hopeless romantic.” Only a “Hopeful” one. (Yes, yes, major cheese-fest.)

Hope you get lots and lots of Bisous! this Valentine’s.

Zozette xx

From Scratch: Pincushion jar filled with button cookies


I have attended that belated Christmas brunch with my friendies, so I can finally show you the DIY part of their gift. A pincushion jar filled with button cookies!

What you need:

A mason jar (With a canning ring lid.)

Pillow stuffing (You can find this at any fabric store.)

A round of patterned fabric (About 15cm in diameter – obviously dependent on the size of the jar.)

All-purpose project glue

A needle and thread

Pearl tipped pins


1. Take your jar lid apart and place the ring aside. Take a handful of the stuffing, shape it roughly into a ball shape and glue it onto the disc part of the mason jar lid.

2. Allow to dry slightly. In the meantime, take the fabric and sew a running stitch around the edge, so that you can gather the round to form a ball-like pocket.

3. Slip this pocket over the top of the stuffing, and pull your thread to gather the fabric at the bottom of the disc. Sew the gathering  into place and knot your thread.

4. Squeeze a line of glue onto the inside of the jar ring, and slip the cushion part through the ring. Press down until the glue feels like it is clinging. Put aside to dry.



5. Make your cookies while you wait. I used Annie’s eats recipe for lemon vanilla sugar cookies. The dough is super to use with cutters and is also very easily coloured. (I made pink ones!) I used a round cookie cutter, a smaller round, and the tiny round tip of a piping nib to make my cookies. Super easy!



6. When the cookies have cooled down, package them into little baggies and place them inside your mason jar. Your lid should be dry by now, so screw that thing on too.


7. Stick a few pretty pearl tipped pins in the top, and you’re good to go! A cute, homemade, and practical gift!


Happy Crafting!



From Scratch: Jalapeño Poppers

My Mexican heritage* is more than evident, in my love for pinatas, Mexican tourists and Mexican food. I can give you a run-down of my weird and wonderful experiences of each – but perhaps I should just start with a crowd favourite.


Mexican food, to be specific.

*BTW: I am not, nor have I ever been, Mexican.

I love Mexican food. The fresh ingredients, the crispy carbs and of course, the kick of heat. My favourite dish ever (and if it’s on the menu – I’m very likely to order it.) is Jalapeño poppers. Cheese stuffed Jalapeño peppers, battered and deep-fried. (Be still my heart. – Literally.)

Now, poppers are not actually Mexican (They’re more of an Americanized version of Chile relleno – Stuffed peppers.) but they are packed with yummo Mexican ingredients and are my absolute favourite! Since I love them so much – I thought I’d satisfy my pang for them, with a healthier alternative. They were dee-lish, and I recommend that you try them too!
Zozette’s healthy (ish) homemade Jalapeño poppers


A jar of whole pickled Jalapeños

1/2 a  tub of Low fat cream cheese (Approx. 125g)

A cup of grated low fat cheddar cheese

A few tablespoons of finely chopped spring onions

1/4 tsp ground cumin

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

1 egg, beaten

About 2 cups of Panko crumbs


1. Mix cream cheese, cheddar cheese, spring onions, cumin and cayenne pepper in a bowl.

2. Cut peppers lengthwise and scoop out the seeds. (This is where the unbearable heat lies.) Dispose of the seeds and don’t rub your eyes. (Speaking from experience, here.)

3. Fill each pepper half with the cheese mix.

4. Dunk the stuffed pepper in the beaten egg.

5. Coat it in Panko crumbs. (I added a bit more cayenne to my Panko crumbs for an extra punch in the face.)

6. Lay on a baking tray and pop in the oven. (I put them in on high for about 20 mins. – Just keep an eye on them – Take them out when the panko is golden and toasted.)

7. Serve hot and scarf down with the gusto of a thousand wolves. (Ok – so they didn’t turn out too pretty – but dang, they were yummy!)



Too good to “bee” true cupcakes

Hi all,
I know it’s been a ridiculously long time since I last posted, but my life has been jam-packed with busy-ness recently. I have multiple blog-posts crammed in my brain on a daily basis, but hardly any time to get them up on the blog-osphere.

However, I’ve had this one  up my sleeve for some time now, and I thought the Spring air deserved a little baking recipe to kick it into gear.

My very own creation, and might I add – deeeee-frikken-licious. Nut and cinnamon honeyed buttermilk cakes, topped with honeyed cream cheese frosting! Yum!

Give it a try and let me know how you like it. Click on the link below to download a pdf of the recipe.

Zozette’s too good to “bee” true cupcake recipe



From Scratch: Bubble tea!

Thanks to the internets, I have been exposed to many mouth-watering images and recipes regarding the bubbly Taiwanese drink creation, Bubble tea – also known as Pearl tea and Boba tea. The drink consists of a frothy milky or fruity tea, crushed ice and chewy tapioca pearls at the bottom. Being a great lover of tea – I knew I had to try this.

The recipes varied far and wide across the internet – so I tried my own, and noted some interesting ingredient variations. If you’d like to try something simple, here’s my recipe for:

Milk Bubble Tea – From Scratch


1/4 cup Tapioca pearls

2 cups of water

1-2 teaspoons honey

1 cup strong-brewed black tea (Apparently green tea is super yummo too.)

1/4 cup milk (Some suggest almond/rice/soya milk. Some, even condensed milk [Omit honey in this case])

Ice (Crushed if possible)


  1. Firstly, we need to get the tapioca, or boba, cooked. The internet has proven very confusing in this regard. Some sites mention soaking, boiling, steaming etc etc. But through trial and error, I’ve found that this is all you have to do. Put the two cups of water in a small saucepan and bring to the boil. Toss in your raw, untouched tapioca. Give a quick stir to prevent sticking and allow to boil for about 15 minutes. Stir again and then cover the pot with a lid. Cook until the tapioca has become mostly transparent. Taste one. It should be gooey and slightly tacky – like a gummy bear. This could take another 15-25 minutes of rapid boiling. In the meantime, melt down the honey with one or two teaspoons of water. (Microwave for 10 seconds.) When the tapioca is ready, drain the water and allow to cool in the honey syrup.
  2. In a shaker, mix up the tea, milk and ice, until the tea is nice and frothy on top.
  3. Place the tapioca pearls in a tall glass and top with your shaken tea. Get yourself a thick-centered bubble tea straw (or a normal straw and a spoon – like myself…) and enjoy!

Conclusion: The milk tea bubble tea version tastes very much like milky ice tea should, but I found the tapioca to be a nice chewy surprise at the bottom! (Li’l brat even stole my glass from me.)