You say goodbye, I say HALLOW.

Hallow there. Searching for a Halloween costume for this year?

Since my annual Halloween posts are, by far, my most popular, I thought I would make damn sure that I don’t leave y’all hanging this year. (Since my blog has been a little quiet of late…)

Here is a little round-up of some cool ideas I’ve found on the interwebs – for the devout fancy-dressers out there:


www.pinterest.comSocial Media platforms! Cool part is – you can rope in as many friends as you like!

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10 Reasons to watch The Lego Movie ASAP – No spoilers

It comes out this weekend in South Africa, and you just need to go and watch it. Just do it. Even if it is the only movie you see this year. Goooo… Book now. What are you waiting for?!

Ten reasons why? Alright then.


1. Lego.

Lots of it. Everything you see on screen, effects and all, is in Lego pieces. It will blow your mind.

2. Voices.

Chris Pratt. Will Ferrell. Elizabeth Banks. Will Arnett. Nick Offerman. Alison Brie. Charlie Day. Liam Neeson. Will Forte. Morgan Freeman. Channing Tatum. Jonah Hill. Cobie Smulders. Shaquille O’Neal. Jake Johnson. Jorma Taccone. Dave Franco. Yes.

3. Batman.

With all the talk around Ben Affleck playing Batman, I didn’t expect to be blown away by a Lego interpretation at all. However, Will Arnett took the Batman character that has always lived in my mind and brought him to life. What a riot.

4. Ratings.

If you are one to follow critical ratings of animated features before taking the leap to the cinema, just know that The Lego Movie’s ratings lie in the same realm as Wall-E and The Lion King. ‘Nuff said.

5. Guest Lego stars.

From Gandalf, to Dumbledore, to Wonder Woman, to Shaquille O’Neal, expect to see all the Lego realms cross paths in the most entertaining way.

6. A message we all need to hear.

Underneath all that painted plastic lies a very important message. Especially for the kids of today who are consumed by social media and console gaming. Use your imagination. Use your hands. Make something from your own mind. At 25, I still need to push myself this way.

7. Killer soundtrack.

Featuring the voices of Will Arnett, Tegan & Sara, and the Lonely Island dudes – the music of TLM is a (terribly amusing) character of its own.

8. All-age fun.

Just like Shrek (The first one. The first time you watched it.) the humour in this scripting will transcend all age groups. A little something for everyone. Parents and older siblings, don’t hesitate to join the little ones on this one. Actually it’s more like: Little kids, don’t hesitate to join the adults on this one.

9. Sequel.

There are talks of a sequel being written already, and while the idea of this usually makes me gag, I am almost certain this will follow in the Toy Story sequel’s path. (And Shrek 2, I suppose?) This excites me. This excites me a lot.

10. Fucking magical.

If you ever played with Lego as a child (… or as an adult.) you’ll feel the magic within, from the moment Morgan Freeman opens the movie with a mystical prophecy about the most important person of all times. A prophecy that we are told must be true “because it rhymes.”

If you can fight the urge to rummage around for your long forgotten Lego collection when you get home, then you are a stronger human than myself.

I give this movie 5 Lego Zozette’s out of 5. No joke. I really loved it.

lego zoz

Watch it if you enjoyed: Toy Story or Wreck it Ralph.



Marvelous Marla

Say hello to Marla Singer.


No. Not that one.

Another Marla Singer. I’m talking about blue-haired Lithuanian/Parisian-photography-person-of-great-weirdness-but-also-coolness. Her photographs are what bubblegum dreams are made of and I’ve compiled a few of my favourites below for your perusing pleasure.

You can find more of her work here, and here.











Christmas Adventuring Day 3

Hi again London,

Today I braved the cold for a day of market browsing and churro-munching in Camden. (Where, among other weird things, a very naked 1 Direction can actually be found printed on a tshirt.) I also completely lost my adult composure at platform 9 and 3/4. Completely. It was like I was 11 again.

Day well spent? I think so.



Weekly wisdom #1. Use it. Don’t use it.

Hi, I’m Zozette.

I once collected over 100 Spice Girl stickers. (and I still have them somewhere.)

I like stationary and board games more than I like some people.

Really sad movies make me cry.

Really happy movies make me cry even more.

I’ve had this weird love for Elijah Wood ever since I watched him in Flipper, age 7.

I’m more likely to pick tea over an alcoholic beverage.

I own far too many things with Mickey ears on them.

I do none of these things because I am an ironic hipster.

If you don’t like me because of any of that, well then you can probably just bug off.

Why do people care so much about what others think? Why can’t we just hate what we hate, and like what we like? It’s so weird. One thing I’ve always been good at – is being myself. Sure, sometimes I’m in a situation where I feel the need to impress a stranger – but I will never stoop to the level of pretending to be someone I’m not.

Does this mean that sometimes my family worries about where my place lies in this world? Yes, probably. I worry about that sometimes too. Does this mean that I only have a handful of proper friends? Yes, but they’re pretty freaking good ones. Thing is; there are loads of interesting, accepting, lovable people out there. They’re just a little harder to find in this world of pretentious, self-absorbed twits.

be yourself

I’m terrible at a lot of things. Sticking to diets, sweat-inducing sports, containing my sarcasm, and constructing intelligible sentences in front of potential “suitors”… but if I can impart any piece of advice to the people out there on the internet reading this, it’s that you should never feel pressured to be like anyone else. We are all different for a reason. Never feel like an outsider, because you get to a point in life when you realize that the world is full of outsiders – some you’ll get along with, some you won’t – and the people who don’t want to be around you, aren’t worth the effort anyway.



In fact, gingers have more soul than the rest of us.

Yes. They do.

– And I know that my argument needs to be succinct, if it is to be effective.

1. Carol Burnett – Funniest woman ever.

2. Vincent Van Gogh – Um, “Starry starry night”?

3. Erik Hassle – “Talk about it” – Listen to it. I can’t even.

4. Lucille Ball – Second funniest woman ever.

5. Ed Sheeran – “Give Me Love” – It’s just… It just is. Like. The best.

6. Christina Hendricks – Bodaciousness to the extreme.

7. Florence Welch – Mystic woman of magic and wonder.

8. Ariel – She can sing underwater. ‘Nuff said.

9. Jessica Rabbit – Gravity says that her dress shouldn’t stay up. But it does. It really does.

10. The Weasleys – Can you do magic? No, didn’t think so.



Popular belief: “Gingers” have no soul.

Findings: “Gingers” have too much soul.