Never will I regret a day more than the time I told my colleagues that I once cried while watching Michael Jackson’s Earth Song music video. (The looks of judgement I received were more than enough to keep me from revealing how many Celine Dion albums I actually owned.)  This is the confession that has haunted me relentlessly over the past few months, and I think it will continue to do so, for the rest of my life. Thank you female hormones for putting me in this uncomfortable position, yet again.

But come on, people!? The elephant just got right up again at the end?!





Hallo, Halloween!

Since last year’s Halloween costume suggestions were found to be quite popular among readers, I thought I’d gather some new ideas for 2013. There is absolutely nothing better than a clever or funny costume – so hopefully some of these ideas inspire you to take the lesser traveled road (ie: The road faaaaar away from Slutty Street) when it comes to picking out your costume.

Because we all know we’re going to see a few of these this year:

Miley fancy dress.Urgh.

Let’s stick to the better, less vomit-inducing ideas, shall we?

Let us proceed:

Big bang fancy dress.Amy Farrah Fowler and Sheldon Cooper from the Big bang theory.

SHAMY! Super-funny and easy to execute!

Daria katy perry fancy dress.Daria and Jane Lane, portrayed by Katy Perry and Shannon Woodward.

Awesome throwback to the 90s MTV show.

Firefox fancy dress.Firefox!

Super clever tip-of-the-hat to a superior browser. 😉

Grumpy-CatGrumpy Cat.

Hey! Do you wanna come to my Halloween Par…. No.

Magritte fancy dress.The Son of Man by Magritte.

Art fanatics can pull this off in no time at all. Apple print-out + suit = Done!

Tulio Miguel fancy dress.Miguel and Tulio from The Road to El Dorado.

Because that cartoon was helluva funny, and if you didn’t think so, you probably had no pulse.

Up house fancy dressThe Up house!

Um, Pixar anything?! YAY!

Lazy fancy dress.Error 404.

Feeling lazy this year? Still keep it clever!



It could have been Nicholas Cage

Peeps like to complain. (Let’s not lie – I’m guilty of this myself.)

However, I always like to remind people to appreciate how things could have been so much worse.

Ben Affleck is going to be Batman? Eh. It could have been Nicholas Cage.


You don’t like Nickelback? Eh. It could have been called NickelCage.


You thought Miley Cyrus’ video was inappropriate? Well, it was… and a little pretentious, and unnecessarily exposed. BUT – now I hear my own words of wisdom in my head and smart-me says “Eh. IT COULD HAVE BEEN NICHOLAS CAGE.”

Happy Friday the 13th y’all.

May this image only stay in your head for 5 minutes while you laugh hysterically – then disappear from your mind permanently.



The Midweek Marshmallow: Meatloaf

Since incredibly strange things filter through my marshmallow brain on a daily basis. I thought I’d start a new segment on Bisous! Zozette, where I share these nuggets of useless information, straight from the sugary depths of my mallow-brain. I’ll post a new one, every week on Wednesday – since that’s when the brain starts to switch over from “Monday Blues” to “Friday Woohoos”.

Today’s thought:

Did anyone actually find out what Meatloaf wouldn’t do for love? Because not knowing is kind of ruining my life.

Also, who else remembers that Meatloaf was a bus-driver in the Spice World movie? That was weird.

meat loaf





May Photo A Day #3

May Photo A Day #3

3 May
#This is really good!

The perks of being a wallflower soundtrack. So very good. So many great tracks to accompany a great movie. If you haven’t watched it yet – then do it! I’m currently reading the book, which is kind of a backwards way of doing it, but I’m really enjoying it regardless.



Go drunk, dad, you’re home.

Charlize Theron popped on my tv screen this evening, in her glittering-gold Dior ad. What a work of art! She looks stunning as ever, skin clear, hair tousled just right… – And then my dad comments:

“Don’t you think she looks a bit like David Bowie?”


And then I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.

I don’t think she does, but in these photos they could be sisters!

Anyway, that was my laugh for the day. Thought I’d share it, since I’ve been a terrible blogger.