NEW VIDEO: Halloween – Party hacks and snacks

Well hello there,

I’ve been fiddling around with the idea of a video segment to this here blog for a while now. Having produced a very silly introduction video a few weeks ago which, quite frankly, I was not too impressed with – I found myself shoving that dream onto the back-burner in a hurry and instead staring at my computer screen for a few weeks hoping that inspiration would give me a smack across the face. (Hoorah. So productive.)

Lo and behold. I have decided not to over-think it (a God-awful habit of mine),  just freaking post something, and see what happens.

My skillzzz (yes, with a “z”) are completely lacking (production-wise) but since I love themed parties (and Halloween, in particular) I thought I’d start just off with a simple idea – and hopefully I will receive only constructive crit. (Who am I kidding? – Trolls! On your mark…)

I would be eternally grateful if you could “like” my video if you think I should do more stuff like this and/or subscribe to my channel if you’d like to be notified every time I post something. 🙂

Drop me a comment and let a gal know what you think.



 PS: Kind of a fitting post for a channel launch – seeing as it is my 100th post! 😀


Winning whiskers

As Movember approaches, men around the world prepare themselves for a facial hair adventure of epic proportions, in support of Men’s health awareness.

To celebrate, I have been holding on to an awesome find in the photography/portraiture world: Greg Anderson.

This awesome photographer has the most epic portfolio of bearded beauties I’ve ever seen.

I picked out a few of my favourites for you – but you can see the full collection here on his Facebook page.

1002533_714908498535516_654434398_n 1185535_714908585202174_1839279599_n 565039_714908675202165_832009221_n 1238741_714908728535493_1865797760_n 1044777_714908698535496_1059715614_n

I’ve also decided to leave you with a little South African mo’ flavour…

See the hilarious “MoPo911” by the awesome comedy crew Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues below:


and bisous!


On Cloud (Campos) Nine

“When a Cloud moves, it’s always shifting and changing forms and it’s creating art in the sky. When I dance, the floor is the sky and I’m the Cloud creating art.” – Daniel “Cloud” Campos

This. Guy.

Dancer. Director. Actor. Person.

This year has seen an awesome trend in incredibly beautiful and creative music videos – an industry, which otherwise has seen very little but nudity and hund’ed dolla’ bills for the past decade. As I sifted through my favourite videos of 2013 – the common denominator became obvious; dancer/director extraordinaire, Cloud Campos.

Not only does he move as light as air, but this L.A.-based creative talent has also become a directing force to be reckoned with. He manages to combine choreography and pure filmic artistry in his videos, emoting every note and nuance of the song with ease.  Here are a few of my favourite Cloud produced videos from this year:

(Keep an eye out for his stunning dancing in Stay the night and his shadow profile in Cold front.)

Laura Welsh – Cold Front

Panic! At the disco – This is Gospel

Zedd ft. Hayley Williams – Stay the Night

Ugh. He is just SO good. I’m currently feeling very inspired, as I remember the reasons why I went into the film business in the first place.

Keep one eye on this guy at all times. I predict sheer awesomeness. You can follow him on twitter here.



The theatre of dreams

If you’ve ever found yourself contemplating a trip to theatre spectacular, Madame Zingara – I plead that you don’t hesitate ever again, and buy yourself a ticket. You will find yourself surrounded by nothing but magic, glamour and some of the world’s most talented acts.

From the moment you walk onto the theatre plot, you are greeted with unusual sets and stage props. As per usual, my friends and I became rather trigger happy and photographed the entire experience… (Take a browse, below.)

A fancy dress boutique welcomes you into a giant circus tent filled with weird and wonderful things. Guests have the opportunity to buy a fantastical dress-up item, or get their face painted with intricate designs.

My favourite part of the evening was (obviously) the part where the menu came into play. A five course meal, which started off with a delicious meze platter of different dips and snacks, followed by a perfect portion of creamy coriander and butternut soup. The entree was a super-tasty heart-shaped butternut ravioli with exotic mushrooms in a creamy butter sage sauce. Then, came the pièce de résistance,  Madame Zingara’s signature dish; Beef medallions in a dark chocolate-chili sauce, topped with deep-fried rice noodles. Absolutely delicious. Like, really. My plate was spotless.
Dessert was no different, with a trio of perfectly executed puddings. A passion fruit panna cotta, a chocolatey espresso mousse, and a warm Malva pudding.

Needless to say, it was much enjoyed, and we were all rolling out of there by the end of the evening.

Let me not leave out the rip-roaring entertainment. With unique acts, each one more astounding than the last, there was definitely a little something for everyone. Contortionists, trapeze acts… a real class-act selection! I have to say, my favourite act had to be drag Queen extraordinaire, Cathy Specific, and her sassy Trolley Dolleys. An absolutely stunning performance from three “men” with the best legs I’ve ever seen. Great entertainment. Great Food. Great company.

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This dude’s en pointe

There’s something beautiful about a person putting themselves out there for the one they love.

Meet Bob Carey. His wife, who was diagnosed with cancer twice, inspired him to dedicate his life to raising funds towards the fight against breast cancer.

Enter the pink tutu. Although it first started out as something of a joke, Bob now spends his time photographing himself around the world in this beautiful pink tulle tutu.

These moving and charming photos are what Bob hopes will become part of his first self-published book, Ballerina.

With all of the sale proceeds going towards breast cancer organizations, it’s really difficult not to love every single photo.

To donate to this worthy cause, or to see some more of Bob’s magical photos, visit The Tutu Project website.