10 Reasons to watch The Lego Movie ASAP – No spoilers

It comes out this weekend in South Africa, and you just need to go and watch it. Just do it. Even if it is the only movie you see this year. Goooo… Book now. What are you waiting for?!

Ten reasons why? Alright then.


1. Lego.

Lots of it. Everything you see on screen, effects and all, is in Lego pieces. It will blow your mind.

2. Voices.

Chris Pratt. Will Ferrell. Elizabeth Banks. Will Arnett. Nick Offerman. Alison Brie. Charlie Day. Liam Neeson. Will Forte. Morgan Freeman. Channing Tatum. Jonah Hill. Cobie Smulders. Shaquille O’Neal. Jake Johnson. Jorma Taccone. Dave Franco. Yes.

3. Batman.

With all the talk around Ben Affleck playing Batman, I didn’t expect to be blown away by a Lego interpretation at all. However, Will Arnett took the Batman character that has always lived in my mind and brought him to life. What a riot.

4. Ratings.

If you are one to follow critical ratings of animated features before taking the leap to the cinema, just know that The Lego Movie’s ratings lie in the same realm as Wall-E and The Lion King. ‘Nuff said.

5. Guest Lego stars.

From Gandalf, to Dumbledore, to Wonder Woman, to Shaquille O’Neal, expect to see all the Lego realms cross paths in the most entertaining way.

6. A message we all need to hear.

Underneath all that painted plastic lies a very important message. Especially for the kids of today who are consumed by social media and console gaming. Use your imagination. Use your hands. Make something from your own mind. At 25, I still need to push myself this way.

7. Killer soundtrack.

Featuring the voices of Will Arnett, Tegan & Sara, and the Lonely Island dudes – the music of TLM is a (terribly amusing) character of its own.

8. All-age fun.

Just like Shrek (The first one. The first time you watched it.) the humour in this scripting will transcend all age groups. A little something for everyone. Parents and older siblings, don’t hesitate to join the little ones on this one. Actually it’s more like: Little kids, don’t hesitate to join the adults on this one.

9. Sequel.

There are talks of a sequel being written already, and while the idea of this usually makes me gag, I am almost certain this will follow in the Toy Story sequel’s path. (And Shrek 2, I suppose?) This excites me. This excites me a lot.

10. Fucking magical.

If you ever played with Lego as a child (… or as an adult.) you’ll feel the magic within, from the moment Morgan Freeman opens the movie with a mystical prophecy about the most important person of all times. A prophecy that we are told must be true “because it rhymes.”

If you can fight the urge to rummage around for your long forgotten Lego collection when you get home, then you are a stronger human than myself.

I give this movie 5 Lego Zozette’s out of 5. No joke. I really loved it.

lego zoz

Watch it if you enjoyed: Toy Story or Wreck it Ralph.




It could have been Nicholas Cage

Peeps like to complain. (Let’s not lie – I’m guilty of this myself.)

However, I always like to remind people to appreciate how things could have been so much worse.

Ben Affleck is going to be Batman? Eh. It could have been Nicholas Cage.


You don’t like Nickelback? Eh. It could have been called NickelCage.


You thought Miley Cyrus’ video was inappropriate? Well, it was… and a little pretentious, and unnecessarily exposed. BUT – now I hear my own words of wisdom in my head and smart-me says “Eh. IT COULD HAVE BEEN NICHOLAS CAGE.”

Happy Friday the 13th y’all.

May this image only stay in your head for 5 minutes while you laugh hysterically – then disappear from your mind permanently.



Halloween fancy pants

Hi bloggosphere.

Since Halloween lies just yonder, I thought I’d present a few last minute fancy dress  ideas for any girls, like myself, who are sick of guys always having kick-ass costume options.

My office is supposed to be dressing up tomorrow, but we’ve all been so busy, that I dug into my fancy dress box and grabbed a few items that could possibly pass as Halloween costumes for everyone. (I’ll keep you updated on that…)

Here are a few pictures I found, of awesome lady Halloween attire:

She-Joker! Super awesome costume. Love the huge green hair. Simple and a really obvious portrayal.

Sally! Only the best Burton character for Halloween. Patch-quilt dress, red hair and face-paint. Totally do-able!

A doll! Amazing what a little make-up can do… Throw on a pretty dress and a bow in your hair, and you’re good to go!

A zombie Disney princess! Cosplay with a little gore. If you’re a Disney freak, like myself, why not zombify your favourite princess?

A Mexican Calavera aka sugar skull! What a beautiful idea for Halloween. Love the make-up, and especially the big grey-ish flowers in her hair! Definitely going to try this someday!

Anyhow, link me to any fun costumes you guys find, or decide to wear. Happy Halloween!

Mucho Bisous!


Super Art

Andy Fairhurst is the talented artist who brings you this adorb collection of your favourite comic book characters when they were lil’ kiddies. (Well, I have no idea who your favourite comic book characters are, but let’s just assume that they are featured below.)

If you care to see more of this collection or any other of his fantastic pieces, take a look at Andy’s DeviantArt Page.